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Some "family photos" of our Kitties...
Kitties no. 1
Kitties no. 2
Kitties no. 3
Kitties no. 4
Kitties no. 5

Below are some links to pictures of our (David and my) kitties. We went from cat owners to Crazy Cat people in one fell swoop. I originally had the Diva… Well, let me introduce the kitties and then I’ll tell you our story. Actually meeting the kitty is telling our stoyr. Click on the any of the pictures to see more pictures of each of the kitties. Remember if Windows gives you the finger... you can click. Also there are links all the way at the bottom for all the pictures.

The Diva
Earl the Girl, Bubbies, or the Grump.
Bubbies is the old lady of the kitties. She’s 9 years old (2006). She was 3 or 4 months old when I got her from the SCPA. Yeah, she’s a kennel kitty. She is named after the little dog Earl in the cartoon strip Mutts. I’ve always called her Bubbies for some reason. Which has become more appropriate with the addition of the babies – Bubbies is a nickname for a Jewish grandmother. She has been with me through thick and thin - good and bad. She is my baby. Any way, we now call her the Diva, because she really doesn’t get along with any of the other cats. She’s my baby. She loves her catnip – she actually eats it. And she likes to sleep at my feet. She’s grown quite fond of David and she will sleep at his feet too. He gives her extra love and attention because of all the other kittens. She’s not much on being picked up, but loves her pets and she loves to be brushed. My Bubbies observes company from a distance. She’s nosy and wants to know who is here, but she also doesn’t want to get too close.

The Fab 4
Or Houdini, LL Kool K, Samuel Q. Kitty and Shadow.
These guys officially threw us into the Crazy Cat people. And here’s our story (and we’re sticking to it!). We have some cats that live outdoors. One of the mother’s, Larson (because she used to live on the Farside (as in the cartoon by Gary Larson) of the street), came over to live on our porch with her brood of 4. Well, one of the other mother’s abandoned her kittens with Larson – and then there were 6. And there were some other kittens and the mother’s were still with them. We would make sure that Larson had enough food so she could feed all the kittens she was now taking care of… and there was one kitten that was always last to the food. He made sure we left before he’s come out. Well the neighbor 2 doors down, their son’s girlfriend took 2 of the kittens. Leaving us with 4 kittens for Larson, plus a couple of others.

Well one day Larson disappeared. Leaving 4 young kittens, somewhere about 8 to 12 weeks old to fend for themselves. All was fine and good until one day Penguin (the black & white mother) abandoned one of her kittens because he became sick. We kept an eye on him to see if he was going to get better, however, he didn’t and the other cats started to sneeze and wheeze too. So one day David came in with the black & white kitten saying he was going to die if we didn’t get him medicine. He was right. So off David went to get food leaving me with the kitten. We had put him in a cage. Next thing I knew he was coming down the stairs. So I went and caught him, which was an adventure, and put him in the cage again. And he got out again. So I put him in again. And turned my back and POOF he was out again. And so I wrapped him up in a clean towel and brought him downstairs to hold him until David came back. When David got back with the cat stuff I told him that the cat had been pulling a Houdini. And the name stuck. He was then Houdini or Houd-Man, the Houd-Sters.

So in order to keep Houdini company we brought Larson’s kittens in – all 4 of them. Leaving the one kitten – which didn’t seem fair. So the kitten that was hiding in the shadows was caught after much chasing and brought in. And of course because he was hiding in the shadows, he was named Shadow. Plus, being grey and white… he was shadow colored.

Well, Houdini and the kids all went to the vet for a check up. It turned out they had a viral infection and after a round of antibiotics everyone got better. They lived in the bathroom until they were old enough to climb out and escape. We called them es-ka-pee’s. And of course, Houdini was first over the barrier. We figured they were about 4 or 5 months when they finally started roaming through the house. A girlfriend of ours took 2 of the kittens. We think they were brother and sister. We are please to say they are doing well and are happy and healthy.

Which left us with the Fab 4. Houdini had a name, Shadow had a name which left the other 2. We named Larson, Little Larson or LL Kool K (Little Larson Kool Kitty – after LL Kool J) because she looked just like her mother and had the same personality. Leaving the last kitten. The white one. And one day I just said Sam. Samuel Q. Kitty. And that’s how they got their names.

Houdini, Houd-man, Houd-Sters, Little Bear.
Houdini is a black kitty with a white patch in between his back legs that is heart shaped when he lays on his back. We think Houdini is the oldest. Well, we think he is anyway. He’s boy bits seemed to mature the fastest. And he is somewhat skittish. He will run in front of you and he’s not much on being picked up. He’s very gentle, though. And, he’s a nighttime lover. At night he’ll hop up on the end of the bed walk up to my knees – and then walk up across the rest of me. He likes to lay on my shoulder. The only problem is he’s getting heavy. And he’s got heavy little kitty paws. And he has to wander and walk around while you are petting him. He just won’t hold still. Then once he’s had enough he’ll either lay down on my shoulder or on the pillow to look out the window or at my feet. Houdini follows me around. I go to the bathroom so does Houdini. I go to the kitchen, so does Houd-man. Even though he’s not a snuggle bunny, he’s my boyfriend and keeps me company. He’s never very far from me. He is social but somewhat wary of visitors. He comes out to check everyone out but stays just out of reach until he’s sure of the folks who just came in. He’s a good cat. I can cut his claws, clean his eyes (kitty maintenance), give him medicine, or do anything I need to him for health checks and he doesn’t protest.

Little Larson
Little Larson, LL Kool K , Larsy or just plain Larson.
She is named after her mother. She is the same pattern – brown tabby – and she has the same personality. David named her Larson. I named her LL Kool K – Little Larson Kool Kitty, after LL Kool J (Lady’s Love Kool J). We think she and Sam are brother and sister. We think that they had the same mother, Larson, but different fathers. Which would explain why Sam is the only white cat in the group. There are no other white kitties inside or out. Larson is my girl. She is the social butterfly of the group. She comes right up to everyone to welcome them to the house. She sleeps on my face – or tries to. It makes it a bit hard to breath with a cat on your face. She also doesn’t like me paying attention to Houdini. She will push herself in between him and me. And when I’m sitting in a chair she will come up and put her paws on my chest. I end out picking her up and she’ll snuggle down in my arms and fall asleep. She makes it kind of hard to do anything but watch TV at that point. She also likes to go outside – even if it’s just on the roof. She doesn’t mind being picked up and held – even upside down. She is a very good cat. She is the same as Houdini when it comes to kitty maintenance and health checks.

Samuel Q. Kitty
Sam-U-L Q. Kitty, Sammy Boy, Sammy, Samsters or just plain Sam.
Sam is a white cat with brown tabby bits, which I think comes from his mother (the white from Papa). Based on development of the boy bits he’s 2nd oldest of the boys. He is a flopper. He will walk in front of you and then just flop over on his side for pets. Which can be a problem in the middle of the night when lights aren’t on. He’s very affectionate. He loves his pets. He’s not much on being held, but you can pick him up and hold him and even flip him upside down. He’s very good about kitty maintenance and health checks. He’s got a very mellow disposition, which is good because being white any time his eyes weep it is very visable. He’s also somewhat of a social butterfly. He likes company – not quite as much as Larson, but it’s still a new adventure for him. He’s not much for sleeping in the bed, but he’s very much involved with making it. He will hop up on the bed and play with the covers while you are trying to make it. He “helps”. He’s a little more my cat than David’s, but he really likes both of us equally. He also likes to be outside and will scoot out the front door when ever it is opened.

Shadow only has one name.
Shadow was the last to come in and the last to become comfortable with us. David is definitely his human. He’s not much on being picked up. He’s will sleep on the bed but only on David’s side at the bottom. He is not social at all. When company comes – he hides. He’s not interested. As a kitten he was always last to the food bowl – after the humans had left. David was able to spend time with him so that he finally got comfortable with him. As he’s gotten older, he’s become less spooky towards me. He follows me into the bathroom for his pets. It's his safe room - it's where he grew up - and it's also where the food is. And he is also a very good cat when it comes to kitty maintenance and health checks.

The Supremes

Over the winter we brought in a cat we named Sarah Sue and before we could get her fixed she had 4 kittens on April 19 and 20th. The bedroom became a nursery. At 10 pm on April 19th Sarah Sue had one baby and then Bubbies got into a snit and growled, hissed and whacked at Sarah Sue. Which I put her into a defensive mode – which I think cause her to delay giving birth to a second kitten. The 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th started to come about 9:30 am and she was done by 10:30. One of the babies was still born. We got to watch the kitten grow up from birth. There were 3 boys and 1 girl. Unfortunately they got outside one night when they were about 13 weeks old and the girl was killed by a car. A wonderful young lady stopped put on her 4 way flashers, knocked on our door, and told us what happened. The boys were 17 weeks on August 16 & 17.

Yes, I know the Supremes were women and our guys are… well guys. However there are parallels and they don’t really care. Either that or they will have gender issues in the future. Which also isn’t too much of an issue because they are due very soon for the grand snip. In the Supremes there was the lead that stood out and 2 background singers. We have one black one – Archimedes – who is the front man. Then there are the 2 unnamed Grays. I’m calling them Snookie Bear and Snookie Boy. Actually I’m calling them all Snookie. Like the Supremes, they are both dress the same (or in this case have grey fur with minor tabby markings) and hang together. So therefore – the Supremes.

Since theses kids are still young, their personalities aren’t completely formed yet. However Archimedes seems to be more social than the Snookie Brothers. And I’m almost positive that one of the Snooks was the 1st born. He’s slight bigger than the other 2. One of the good things about knowing the Supreme’s birthday’s is we can track their bio-rhythms, or kitty-rhythms as we are calling them. We are tracking the Fab 4, but since we really don’t know the date they were born, it makes it a bit harder to figure out the rhythm. The Supreme’s aren’t quite as affectionate as the rest of the crew… but they are coming around. Currently (8/20/06) Archimedes is the most affectionate. So I’m hoping that they will bond to either David or I and then we will be able to track their emotional and physical rhythms. Emotional is tracked by how much they snuggle with us. The more they snuggle the higher they are on the emotional scale. Physical is tracked by the amount of playtime vs. sleeping time and how coordinated they are. We haven’t quite got a way to track intellect yet. But we’ll come up with something. Hiding the toy or something.

So enjoy the pictures of the kids. Keep coming back for more. I’m having fun taking them.