Two Week Rain Delay

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Happy Thursday Everyone.

Or it would be if the Doctor & the PA (BOTH) were out of the office with the flu. So … wait, what do you mean what’s going on?

Ok. Let’s step back (*giggles* – it’ll be funny in bit) from the beginning for those who don’t know what’s going on.  For those of you who do and don’t want to hear (read) the story again, just jump on down to the last bit.  For those who are new to the story … ready?

I was in a bar brawl.  Yup.  Broke 2 bones in my left ankle, shattered a 3rd and tore some ligaments.  Something about a high tear…  What do you mean “you don’t think so”?  I did I broke my … oh you mean the bar brawl.  Well, it sound so much more exciting than I was doing my laundry and fell down the last 2 steps. 

On 1/12 at 8:09 am as I was leaving for work I was taking the laundry to the basement.  The sheets I was carrying wrapped around my feet and down I went.  And surprisingly not one cat was involved.  So off the ER David & I go.  Several hours and surgery later I was the proud owner of a plate, many permanent screws, 1 temporary screw and a nice temporary cast.   I tried crutches while I was in the hospital – think giraffe on roller skates – so they sent me home with a walker.  Yeah. I don’t feel like 100 years old now!  9 days after that a very nice young lady removed the temporary cast and put me in a very pretty purple non-weight baring fiber glass cast.  Which surprisingly & thankfully didn’t itch too much.  And shortly after that one of the BEST bosses in the entire world loan me her knee scooter (she broke her leg a year early) so I could get from point a (the bed) to point b (the potty) without drama, exhaustion and braking another body part.  It also opened up the entirety of mom’s house.  Oh, I didn’t mention that part.  Yeah, I’m rehabbing at mom’s in New Holland because her house is really designed for old people.

4 weeks later – obviously I was healing according to plan because the same very nice young lady (don’t ask me her name even though she’s told me, I forget) moved me into a walking cast (or boot).  Still non-weight baring BUT I released me to drive and go back to work.  My drive went from 25 minutes to about an hour which kinda stinks.  But the food is sooooooooooo much better!!!  Mom lives 10 minutes from Shady Maple (oh yeah!)  Oh Right, there are those of you who are wondering why I’m excited about a tree.  Shady Maple is a smorgasbord with very good food, not a tree.

I have been so fortunate!  I really work for and with an awesome group of people who have been wonderfully supportive.  And Mom.  Where would I be without her!  She has been just amazing!

Stepping back to today [insert rim shot here].  I was supposed to go for x-ray’s and then I guess setting a date for removing the temporary pin that is holding the ligaments together.  But PA Cutie Pie and Dr. Very Handsome have the flu.  (Ok so that’s not exactly their real names… you’ll forgive me if I don’t bother checking out that part.)  Did I mention that they didn’t call the right number?  No? They didn’t.  We just won’t know for 2 weeks now whether or not the ligaments have healed correctly.  

We could do a soap opera style thing here.  (said in best dramatic voice) Have her ligaments healed?  Are the bones strong enough to support her weight? Will the Doctor or the PA be well enough to read the x-ray?  Tune in to find out on the next dramatic episode of “On Crazy Cat Farms”.  Or something like that.

So thanks for the read along.  I’ll send everyone an update (MUCH SHORTER update) in 2 weeks.

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