Doesn’t he have better things to do with his time?

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I won’t normally comment on politics.  It’s just way too easy to offend just about everyone with a simple statement like “In my opinion, the President was wearing an ugly tie today.”  Even though it’s my opinion, it just starts a flame war.  I just agree that I disagree with people and leave it at that.  I have my opinions on our government and I vote.  I work for a local government and I am an elected official. 

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Fair Winds and Following Seas

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How can I grieve for a man I’ve never met? Was he the Dali Lama or the Pope? Was he a September 11 hero? No, all he did was run a crab fishing boat on the Bering Sea.


DeadliestCatch has become more than a TV show for me. They have become this weird extended family that visits once a week (more if you count re-runs).  Don’t get me wrong – I haven’t lost touch with reality.  I know it is a TV show and the folks on there have NO idea who I am.  Although, I did get to meet the the Hillstrand’s & Captain Sig at a book signing, though. They look bigger on TV.  But for a brief moment the Captains and crews of the F/V’s Cornelia Marie, Northwestern, Time Bandit, and Wizard allow us into their lives to share the good, the bad and the ugly.


Cat’s … Goa’uld in Disguise

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Ok. Have you ever seen a cats eyes glow and flash in the light? Have you ever wondered where the writers of Stargate came up with the idea of glowing eyed aliens?? Have you ever thought your cat was trying to control you? Have you ever wondered why cat’s are SO independant?

It’s my theory that the writers of Stargate came up with the idea of for the Goa’uld when one of them had the pants scared off of them when they caught their cats eyes flash and glow in the pitch black. How many of us haven’t had the pants scared off of us by a cat’s eyes glowing and flashing?  Come on, let’s be real.  I think it’s how the Goa’uld came ino being.


Into the Unknown with Josh Bernstein

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Episode – When Elephants Attack

This is a show worth watching for elephant conservation.

Elephants are afraid of bees. It’s interesting. Then again the African Killer Bees are something of which to be afraid.  One farm in Kenya or Tanzania was using a bee fence to keep the elephants from eating their crops. They had 86% less elephant damage than the farm next door that didn’t have a bee fence.  The farm also did a test to show that the sound of bees (that wonderful elephant memory at work) causes the elephants to leave.  And the older elephants thus teach the younger ones that this sound is bad – run away.  The farm test bee buzzing and a white noise on the same frequency as the buzz. The white noise got no reaction from the elephants. Watch the episode, it’s at the end.

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Random Thoughts

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When is dead not dead?
When you are on a science fiction show.



Creative Juice – Soap Making

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Here’s an idea to make some Gardener’s Soap

Show – Nature’s Gifts – Episode DCRJ-709
Ideas – Gardener Lotion Bar



Man vs Wild

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Ok. I enjoy watching Bear Grylls. He’s nuts. The good news is most likely I will never be in a situation where I need to do what he does. Thank God I won’t have to ever eat grubs or sushi in the form of raw fish or snakes. The other good news about not having to need his techniques is I probably won’t ever remember 1/2 of it if I would need it. Knowing my luck I’d eat the wrong plant and get totally sick and die.


Into The Unknown with Josh Bernstein

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Josh Bernstein has done it again. He’s created a new show, Into the Unknown, that is both entertaining and educational. I was a big fan of his show on the History Channel – Digging for the Truth. Now he has a similar style show on Discovery – Into the Unknown.  I do miss the Indiana Jones style hat.

What I like about Josh’s show is that he’s very respectful of the cultures and religions he’s exploring. He’s also very respectful of the history that he is exploring – and he looks good in a kilt (see the Roman Gladiator episode). 😀  It seems he’s not afraid of showing that he dosn’t know something. And he always seems interested in what his interveiwee are saying. And he doesn’t seem to ask stupid questions or “dumb down” the program.

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Bringing back Nathan

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After watching Show Me the Mummy (Season 3, Episode 5) it’s obvious how the are going to bring back Nathan Stark. They left it wide open if Ed Quinn ever wants to come back.

Nathan gave Allison a logic diamond as a wedding present. He “imprinted a small part of himself” into the diamond. So they will do something like…

…use the diamond to attrack Nathan’s essence from time and reassemble him. Or…

…use the essence of Nathan that is in the diamond to recreate his DNA and create a Nathan clone.



God speed General Hammond

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It is with a heavy heart that I say “God speed Don S. Davis.”

I will miss him.


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