Township islands

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Here is the picture of the islands …


Keeneston Family Tree

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One of my favorite authors is Kathleen Brooks (http://www.kathleen-brooks.com/). Her books are funny, exciting and generally just a good adventure.  A little sex, but not so much that it becomes the central theme.  The stories are always very good and 22 books in (Forever Devoted just came out) and the magic of the Keeneston Family is still very much alive.

Below are links to a spreadsheet and pdf file listing the characters, their spouses and their books.

Keeneston Family pdf

Keeneston Family xlsx

Keeneston Family all on 1 Page pdf

I really recommend reading her books.

Protected: Tax Forms

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This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:



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I run a fun little co-op in the Township app with other amazing players.

We speak English.

Regatta: Our general guidelines are … 600 points (minimum) per regatta or opt out. 2 zeroes and we release (kicked out sounds so harsh) the player to find a co-op better suited to their play style. New players who join, don’t opt out of the regatta and don’t do any tasks are released after their first zero. Players who return after being released only get one shot to stay.   Illness or other sudden act of life grants passes – but we need to know.  We use chat heavily.  We don’t require that you do a specific number of tasks – just reach a minimum of 600 points.  If you have problems getting to 600 we are all here to help. We use the 3 Musketeers philosophy – all for one and one for all.  When we work together we all succeed!


Dreams, Reality and What I Watched on TV Last Night

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I love the power of my mind to meld various aspects of my life into one single thing.  Last nights … well, really this morning’s because I woke up remembering … dream was a curious meld of  my work life and Leverage.  We watched the aliens episode last night – where Eliot play an ET nerd.  It was really funny episode. But it must have really stuck with me because Christian Kane and various co-workers all played a part in my dream.


Fantasy Football

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A couple of years back a couple of guys ran a fantasy football league from the office across the hall. When they were having problems getting enough players I said I would love to join. They recruited the one guys aunt instead and then complained all season about her not wanting to play. To quote the old knight in Raider’s “he chose poorly.” And of course I mentioned that too.


Shoes… Leverage… & Awesome Taste!

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About 3 weeks ago I bought the most awesome pair of red high heels.  4.5″ with a .75″ platform.  The “Joan & David ‘Flipp’ Pump”.  Surprisingly they aren’t as uncomfortable as they sound.

Wrapped platform and heel elevate a timeless pump crafted from high-shine patent leather.

  • Approx. heel height: 4 1/2″ with 3/4″ platform.
  • Patent leather upper/patent leather and leather lining/buffed leather sole.
  • By Joan & David; imported.

I was just watching Leverage “The Cross My Heart Job” and don’tcha know Sophie Devereaux whipped a pair out of her bag!  How exciting is that? For me… pretty darned exciting!


Facebook World Tour

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I’ve decided I want to do a Facebook World Tour. I want to visit my Facebook friends in the town in which they live for a meal, a drink, or an extended stay. Whatever is most appropriate based on proximity to my home and their tolerance of my presence!

This is going to be super easy for some, like my Beloved. He’s very tolerant of my presence. And he’s close! Then there’s gonna be some that are a little harder. The Mythbusters are going to be a bit of a challenge. We’ll work on that one later.



Thank you….

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It’s been an odd day.  It must be because I’m getting older.  I know 3 families that have lost love ones today.  One is an on-line friend in England – she lost her father to cancer. Another is an on-line “brother” who just happened to have a different mother & father – his ex-wife (who he was still friends with) passed from cancer. And the final was one of the members of my church.  They say these things come in threes – they did today. 


Patriot Guard Riders

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Ok. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and choice of religion. HOWEVER, the people for Westboro “Baptist Church” are not of God! There is no way. They propose hate. Hate for gays, hate for the military, hate for Jews (ummmm hate to tell them, Jesus was a Jew), hate for, hate for, hate for.  From Wikipedia “On Sundays, up to 15 churches may receive pickets.”  Ummmm, ‘cuse me? Why aren’t they IN church?  I’ve read bits that call them a cult. That’s more appropriate. 

Mark 12:31-2 The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.  I guess they missed that one.

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