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A Town Called Eureka
This is a transcript of Phoenix Rising (Eureka, Season 2, Episode 1)

Eureka – Season 2
Episode – 1
Phoenix Rising

Directed by: Mike Rohl (as Michael Rohl)
Writing credits: Andrew Cosby & Jaime Paglia

Regular Cast:
Colin Ferguson … Sheriff Jack Carter
Salli Richardson … Dr, Allison Blake
Joe Morton … Dr. Henry Deacon
Jordan Hinson … Zoe Carter
Ed Quinn … Dr. Nathan Stark
Erica Cerra … Deputy Jo Lupo
Neil Grayston … Dr. Douglas Fargo / SARAH
Debrah Farentino … Dr. Beverly Barlowe
Matt Frewer … Dr. Jim Taggart
Chris Gauthier … Vincent
Meshach Peters … Kevin Blake

Guest Cast:
Tamlyn Tomita … Kim Anderson
Garwin Sanford … Congressman Arnold Faraday
Paul Christie … Dr. Ryan Brock
Raugi Yu … Dr. Wayne Kwan
Cameron Park … Dr. Rob Matthew

For full credits

Plot: Henry and Jack struggle to deal with their losses as people begin spontaneously combusting to death for no apparent reason. At Global, Stark awaits the decision of the DOD.

Jack looks at a letter in the US Marshall’s office
Fargo: Previously on Eureka
Marshall: Relax Carter, it’s a promotion.

In Jack’s Sheriff Car
Zoe: You know sometimes is sucks having a dad who’s the town smokey.
Jack: Well sometimes is sucks having a daughter who’s the town delinquent.

At night in a car
Zoe: [yelling] Dog

Zoe & Jack walking down a road. In an office.
Jack: I’m Jack Carter
Jo: He’s a US Marshall

On a road with Henry’s tow truck.
Henry: I was an engineer
Jack: As in trains?
Henry: Space shuttles

Jack going through blue pastic.
Allision: Allison Blake, Department of Defense

In a jeep going across a broken down bridge.
Jack: Where are you taking me?

In a village with large satellite dishes
Allison: Welcome to Eureka.

Walking through a lab
A haven were the world’s greatest can live and work.

In an office
Nathan: You must be the new Sheriff I heard so much about.. Nathan Stark.
Jack [to Allison] You two have a history.
Allison: Not exactly. He’s my husband.

Back in the lab
Allison: That’s section 5. Restricted to military projects only.

Various GD interiors & Exterior shots
Nathan: We happen to be in the most advanced scientific facility in the world.

Various artifact scenes
Henry: The artifact is the last remnant of what ever universe existed before our own.
Nathan: [shouting] What’s happening in there?
Kim: [shouting] I don’t know! Systems are off line.

Various town and GD scenes.
Jack: You feel that?
Allison: Yeah.

In an office
Kim: Henry, what did you do?
Henry: I couldn’t let you go.
Kim: None of what we’ve known for the past 4 years was supposed to happen.

Various flash back scenes.
Nathan: Henry went back and changed history, thereby creating a paradox. We need to stop Henry from saving Kim.
Jack: Someone’s got to go back.
Allison: I love our life. I love this baby.
Jack: There’s no time no way that we don’t end up together.

Jack in bed.
SARAH: October 3, 2006.

GD Interior Catwalks
Henry: What are you doing here?
Jack: I’m stopping you Henry.
Henry: [desperate} I have to save her.

Henry: [yelling] Get the hell out of the way.

Kim burns, Alarms blaring, Jack stops Henry
Henry sobs uncontrollably.

In the Sheriff’s office
Jack: I think this is, ah, definitely becoming our thing.
Allison: We don’t have “a thing“.
Theme music begins to play
Jack: We might.

Interior GD. Klaxons blare and a door opens. Mist comes out. This is artifact research
Kim: We are at marginal proximity now. No change in core temperature or ambient emissions.
Nathan: Let’s proceed.
Robot heads towards the artifact and extends a probe.
Kim: Extreme proximity now.
Still no reaction from the artifact.
Nathan: Moment of truth.
Robot is shown drilling into the aritifact.

Nathan: [shouting] What’s happening in there?
Kim: [shouting] I don’t know. Systems are off line.
Nathan: [shouting] Get them back on line.
Kim: [shouting] I’m trying. Klaxon’s begin to wail.
Kim: Oh my God.

Scene in GD lab lights up as the artifact begins to explode and freezes. Henry walks into scene through the explosion to Kim. He tries to touch her, but she’s a hologram. A door opens, Henry turns towards it and is blinded by the light streaming through.
Jack: Thought I’d find you here. [Jack walks through the door} You’re not returning my phone calls. [and closes the door]
Henry: I didn’t feel much like… talking.
Jack: You know you can’t keep reliving this Henry. It’s been over a month.
Henry: I know. I can’t bring Kim back… either [pointing device at Kim and the GD lab vanishes and they are in Henry’s garage].
Jack: Well y… you could, but not without unraveling the universe. So… [Henry looks at Jack] Sorry. Look you and I are going to be living with the memory of a time line that’ gone. I know it’s going to seem impossible and, ah, I know it’s not going to happen overnight, but I think that you and I should help each other move on.
Henry [glares at Jack]: Working on it.
Henry walks to another section of the garage and Jack flinches as he slams some things around.

Outside in downtown Eureka. A street fair is going on.

Taggart: Then the Phoenix appears. The Firebird… rising from the ashes. [A kid is playing a video game that is making beeping noises.] The mythical symbol of death and rebirth.
Kid: Mythical is right. The Phoenix is about as real as Bigfoot.
Taggart: History and cultures are chocker block with stories of the Phoenix. It’s sacrifice to the flames begins our salvation, lest we suffer the flames ourselves. [Kid gulps] Show a little respect lad.
Kid: Ok.

Beverly sits at Café Diem as a guy in a yellow shirt walks by and up to Vincent,

Wayne Kwan: Another refill Vincent.
Vincent: That is my famous 5 alarm chili, Wayne. You may want to go easy. Ah… try a Lobster button.
Wayne: [sniffling and pushing up his glasses] I… I’ve been fighting a cold. Ah… spicy food cleanses the evil spirits. The hotter the better. [mopping forehead].
Vincent: [ladling out chili] Alright. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Wayne walks away. Zoom in on Joe & Zoe.

Zoe: So why don’t you just go talk to him.
Jo [sighs] I can’t. Everything is all weird with us now. Maybe it was just a one time thing. You know adrenaline, heat of the moment.
Zoe: Making out with Taggart? More like a moment of insanity.
Jo: Not so loud. I… I really need some outside perspective here. Please.
Zoe: [sighs] You want perspective?
Jo: Uh huh.
Zoe: You hooked up with a guy whose age difference with you is the same as me and my dad.
[Zoe and Jo look at Taggart who waves at them. Jo waves reluctantly.]
Jo: That did it. Thanks.
Zoe: You’re welcome.

Zoe & Jo walk in different directions, zoom in on Nathan and Fargo. Fargo looks at Beverly’s boobs.

Beverly: [without looking up] Need something Fargo?
Fargo: [embarrassed]What? Ah… no. I mean… I was just gonna to go get some food. Ah… do you want anything?
Beverly: I’m good.
Fargo: Ok then. [walks away]
[off camera] Allison: Nathan. [pan to Allison and Kevin] I didn’t expect to see you here.
Nathan: Weelllll, I didn’t expect to be here, but… my ears finally stopped ringing. I thought I could use the distraction.
Allison: Well it’s good you came.
Nathan: Yeah.
Allison: So how are your burns healing?
Nathan: Surprisingly well, actually. My last treatment’s tomorrow. I take it there’s no news from the disciplinary committee.
Allison: It’s the Department of Defense. Nothing happens quickly.
Nathan: Aaahhh… It was my call to sample the Artifact and Kim Anderson died as a result. [Beverly sits forward and listens] As did the Artifact. Someone has to take the fall.
Allison: Nathan, it was an accident. Let’s just wait to see what the results are before we jump to worst case scenarios.
Nathan: Gonna head back to the lab. Take one last look at the Artifact just in case.

Jump to Henry and Jack walking down the street.

Jack: Look, I don’t think you should necessarily forget about what happened. I think it would be wrong. It would be horrible. But I do think we should look on the positive side.
Henry: Positive?
Jack: Yeah.
Henry: Like?
Jack: Like… Umm… The little things. For the next 4 years which movies suck before they even come out. We’re going to know where bad guys are going to do bad things before they even happen. We’re gonna know aahhh… the ah…. outcome to every major sporting event. Huge financial upside.
Henry: Jack I don’t think you understand, that life is gone. We are not likely to relive many of the same events again.
Jack: Well, I’ve had this picnic before. Right. As a matter of fact tonight is the night when I ask Allison out for the first time. I remember that because Vincent was right over there making the same Lobster balls.
Henry: Buttons.
Jack: What… oh… ah…whatever. Oh and ah… see the sweaty Asian guy here, he’s going to trip on that kids hover thing and spill his chili all over that guy’s t-shirt. And I know that, because tomorrow when I go the dry cleaners to get my clothes for the first date with Allison he’s going to be complaining about how the stains didn’t come out of his ahhh his t-shirt. [Wayne trips and spills his chili on Rob Matthew. Jack raise his hands in triumph] Yeah.
Henry: Jack, you have to take a step back. Granted some things may in a similar way, but they are going to diverge more and more. [Jack makes protest noises] You lived through 4 years of a time line that was erased because you stopped me from doing the thing that created it: saving Kim. And the very fact that we’re having this conversation means thing are going to change.
Taggart: Everybody get ready. [Everyone stands up and puts on sunglasses]
Taggart: [whispering] The moment has arrived. [Various crowd scenes and the solar eclipse creating the Phoenix] There she is. The Firebird.

Wayne takes off his sunglasses puts on his regular glasses and pushes through the crowd.

Jack: [watching eclipse] Well, so far everything’s happened exactly the way it did last time, including the fact that I still can’t see Taggart’s crazy Firebird.

Wayne stumbles through the crowd and begins to smoke. Switch to Jack & Henry with an explosion in the back ground. The crowd gasps in surprise and horror and Jack & Henry run through the crowd. They stop at a charred body.

Jack: Ok. That’s new.

Opening Credits

Allison, Jack, Henry and Vincent are around the charred body.

Allison: So no one saw what happened?
Jack: No. All our eye witnesses were staring at the sun.
Henry: There’s not much tissue left, but I can run a DNA sample and get an ID.
Jack: No. I know who it is. It’s aahh … fat sweaty Asian guy.
Vincent: What?
Allison: Carter!
Jack: I’m being descriptive. If I knew his name I’d use it.
Vincent: His name is Kwan, Wayne Kwan.
Allison: What? Are you sure?
Vincent: Yeah, he was on his 3rd bowl of 5 alarm chili. 4th if you could the 1 he spilled on Dr. Brock.
Jack: Are you ok?
Allison: Yeah, that’s Kevin occupational therapist. He’s been working with him for years. I don’t know how I’m… I’m going to tell Kevin that he’s gone.

Allison walks away, Jo walks up.

Jo: What’s up?
Jack: Um… so… what? Did he get too close to a barbeque?
Henry: None near by.
Jack: Ah… drop a cigarette?
Vincent: Mmmm Mmmm. No, Wayne was asthmatic, he never touched them.
Jack: Vincent, do you have any special ingredients in that ah 5 alarm chili?
Vincent: Like what?
Jack: I dunno: alcohol, rocket fuel, what ever else you cook up in that chemistry lab you call a kitchen.
Vincent: I’ll have you know I come by my spice naturally.
Jack: Mmmmm without a doubt, but that guy ate 3 bowls of your chili and burst into flames. So if it’s not too much trouble I’d love a sample.
Vincent: Cool. Help yourself.
Jack: Henry, you want to test it for me?
Henry: It’s what I live for.
Jo: Well, there is another possibility.
Jack: Yeah? What’s that? [Jo makes a motion toward where Taggart was and toward the sky.] Awww… you’re not buying into Taggart’s crazy Firebird fairytales.
Jo: You’ve got to admit, the timing was a little disturbing.
Henry: There are documented incidents of combustion when certain chemicals are exposed to sunlight, but this case most of them would have been in his GI tract. He also spilled a bowl, so…
Jo: So… maybe there is something to this Phoenix thing.
Jack: Fine. Go talk to Taggart, but don’t get your hopes up.
Jo: Ah… talk to Taggart? By myself?
Jack: Why? Do you have a problem with that?
Jo: No. Ah… You just never let me follow up on my own leads, so….
Jack: Jo, you’ve done this dozens of times over the years.
Jo: What years?
[Henry clears his throat]
Jack: Well… You know. I… ah… mean not time like the present. So… I have every confidence in you.
Jo: Ah… Great. [walks away]
[Henry and Jack walk away, past Wayne’s remains.] Henry: You see, we’re not in Kansas anymore.

Jack’s police Jeep drives toward camera and turns into a driveway. Jack gets out of the Jeep.

Inside Allison’s house.

Jack: How’s Kevin doing?
Allison: Shhhh. I asked Beverly to come over and help him process the news.
Jack: Oh.
Beverly: Kevin? Haw your Mom told you what happened to Wayne?
Kevin: [without looking up from his drawing]He’s gone.
Beverly: Yeah, Yeah, I’m afraid he is. How do you feel about that?
Kevin: Will I still see the other man?
Beverly: What other man?
Kevin: The man downstairs.
Jack: Do you know what he’s talking about
Allison: No, his sessions were always 1 on 1.
Beverly: Kevin, can you tell me the name of the man?
[Kevin just keeps drawing.]
Beverly: Kevin?
Kevin: [haltingly] I don’t know.
Beverly: Ok.

Beverly gets up and walks over to Jack & Allison.

Beverly: I don’t want to push him. It’s an awful lot for him to process at one time. He may even be making up this other man as a defense mechanism.
Jack: Well, thanks for coming by Beverly. We really appreciate it. [Allison and Beverly look at Jack] And by “we,” I mean just all of us, you know, in Eureka. It takes a village.
Beverly: Ok. I might be making a lot of house calls in this “village” today. I’ll see you tomorrow.
Allison: Thank you, Beverly. [Beverly leaves]
[Jack’s phone rings] Jack: Hey. It’s Carter.
Jo: I just talked to Taggart and he thinks he may know what happened with Wayne.
Jack: Alright, I’ll… I’ll be right there. [Carter leaves]

Switch to Taggart’s compound.

Taggart: I call it the Phoenix effect. When the Firebird appears solar flares emit high energy exotic meson particles. Under the right atmospheric conditions, you can get spontaneous combustion. [Taggart empties a 5 gallon bucket of red gooey yuck]
Jack: [retching slightly] Is… is that human?
Taggart: Course it is. Freshly grown skin grafts from the [unintelligble name] Burn Unit. Now watch. Unidirectional Meson particle emitter. Turn up the juice and… [Taggart shoots a beam into the skin grafts] the Phoenix rises.

Jo, Jack & Taggart watch the pile, which suddenly explodes all over them.

Jack: I hate you.
Taggart: You’re welcome. Now, mystery solved.
Jack: Except, why did it only happen to Wayne Kwan?
Taggart: Ah… interesting point.
Jack: I’m going to go shower. I’m covered in human.

Switch to outside SARAH. Switch to inside SARAH. Jack is in the shower.

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