Dreams, Reality and What I Watched on TV Last Night

Posted by TacieJ on August 7, 2012 in Random Thoughts |

I love the power of my mind to meld various aspects of my life into one single thing.  Last nights … well, really this morning’s because I woke up remembering … dream was a curious meld of  my work life and Leverage.  We watched the aliens episode last night – where Eliot play an ET nerd.  It was really funny episode. But it must have really stuck with me because Christian Kane and various co-workers all played a part in my dream.

The Dream:
Or at least what I remember of the dream.  It’s fading at this point.  I was following one of my co-workers to their favorite lunch spot and I noticed that they were smoking.  I know for a fact the Jack doesn’t smoke. I went into the restaurant to tease him and he wasn’t in there.  The weird thing was, I’d never been in this place before, and it’s not on any map of West Chester I know either.  So I come out of the restaurant and there is Jack behind me. How that happened I will never know. And I never did give him a hard time about smoking.

Jump to the very large wood panelled, lowly lit room above the bar.  It’s a long room, 20, 25 feet.  And I don’t know what we were doing or why but we were doing paper work for one of the departments here at the county.  Although my job involves tons of paper, this wasn’t something I normally do.  It’s fading but it had to do with register of will or recorder of deed.  And I was kind of taking care of Chris I’m guess he had finished a set downstairs and he’d had a bit to drink.  He was lounging on this sort of run down couch from on the games I play on my iPhone. And we were just talking while I was doing my paperwork and he decided to go home.  Walk home. And this wasn’t any room that I remember being in before.  So off he goes, and I wasn’t going to let him, but I realized I had his phone number on the work phone number list – I guess he worked with me at that point – and I could call him later to make sure he got home ok.

And at that point I woke up.  But that’s just the frame work of the dream.  The dream was very textured and very detailed.  Sights, sounds and smells all rolled together.  One of the interesting parts was CK definitely wasn’t the Eliot character.  He was more from the concerts (I’ve seen him twice & met him once). His voice was the softer not Eliot voice, which I’m not as familiar with.  I’m significant more familiar with the “Dammit Hardison” voice.  Take the voice from last nights episode, but kill the twang. That is the voice that was in the dream.

Take some reality (my job), throw in some not reality (working in a different department, hanging out with CK) and tah-dah my mind blended them into a very real and somewhat amusing (especially now that I’m awake) dream.

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