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Yarn: Not much worsted (medium (4)) Red, White & Blue.  I used Caron Simply Soft Solids Blue Mint, Red Heart Classic Solid White & Red Heart Classic Solid Jockey Red

Needles & Hooks:  US 7 Double Pointed Knitting Needles
4.5 MM (US 7 or G or H) Crochet Hook

Notions: Tapestry needle

Gauge: Not important at all (my kind of project!)

Need to Know Knitting:  Casting on, Knitting in the round, Increasing, adding a color, and how to chain in Crochet!

kfb = knit into front and back of stitch (increase)
k = knit

I was completely inspired by Catina Anderson’s crocheted version.  But that is crochet and I suck at crochet.  Don’t get me wrong – did try and mine where nowhere as cute as hers.  So with that in mind off I went into design mode to make a knit version.  This write up is completely almost finished.  If you have any questions, please just leave me a comment below. (You will have to sign up so that I know you aren’t a spambot – sorry.)  A downloadable pdf is available through ravelry (without the pictures) (Ravelry Download)

There are 2 versions …. a fatter version and a thinner version.  The pictures below are mostly of the fatter version but it really doesn’t make a difference (I was just noting it in case someone wondered).  All images are clickable to make them larger.

Let’s knit!

With Red – Cast on 4 stitches (we are starting at the crown of the hat).  Leave at least a 6 inch tail.

Cast on 4

Row 1: kfb all stitches (8 total)

8 stitch total

Row 2: Fatter: *K, kfb* (repeat 3 times) (12 total stitches)
Row 2: Thinner: Knit (8 total stitches)

12 Stitches (fatter)

Now is a good time to stop and redistribute your stitches so that you have 4 per needle (or 3 ish for the thinner). OR if you don’t mind have a whole bunch on needle … press on!


Row 3: K
Row 4: K
I added a marker at this point so I know where my beginning is at a quick glance.

Quick Glance

Row 5: K  We will be adding the white for the next row.  Do NOT Cut the RED!!!

Adding the White

Row 6: In white K
I knit the tail into the 2nd and 3rd stitch so I don’t have to weave it in later.

2nd stitch  3rd stitch  No Weaving in

Row 7: K
Don’t forget stitches 2 and 3 will be double strands.

Knit 2 strands  2 becomes 1

Row 8: K  We will switching back to the red for the next row.  Do NOT Cut the WHITE!!!

Just a quick view  The inside

Side note: Try to keep the gap between needles as tight as possible. Especially when going from row to row. Below is a little big and should be tightened up.

Very not good.

Row 9: In red K

Row 10: K

Row 11: K

back to red  Getting there  The inside again 

Row 12: K We will be switching back to the white for the next row.  Do NOT Cut the RED!!!

Row 13: In white K

Row 14: K

Row 15: K  We will switching back to the red for the next row.  Do NOT Cut the WHITE!!!

Row 16: In red K

Row 17: K

Row 18: K

Row 19: K We will be switching back to the white for the next row.  Do NOT Cut the RED!!!

Ready for the last white.

Row 20: In white kfb.

Front and back stitch one  front and back done.

BO and join the white to make a nice round brim. (Pick up the first bound off stitch and slip the last bound off stitch over the picked up stitch.)

BO last stitch  joining  one stitch  one stitch left

Cut the white and red.  Leave a long enough red tail to sew up the bottom of the hat.  Weave in the white end.

026  027  028  029

Pull on the original cast on tail to bend the hat slightly to one side and tie to the other red tail tightly against the hat.  I tried to get mine to bend on the color jog.  Tuck the original tail up into the hat (no need to cut or weave it in – yay!).

two tails  the bend  The tie

Sew up the bottom of the hat with the longer red tail.

sewing  together  the bottom  closer to done

Weaving in (tying off your choice) the end and pull it up through the hat and cut.

weaving in  more weaving  tieing off  pulling through

And the hat is off needles!

off needles

Now for the blue.  With the blue & the crochet hook pick up a bit of the red where you sewed up the bottom.

hooking  adding the blue  the blue  chaining

Chain between 40 & 50.  Mine is 45.  If you are going to give it with one the Seuss books I’d go 50. Do note end – leave the last chain open and nice & big (it is going to hold the tassel) with a long tail and cut the yarn.

45 chains

Cut 2 8” pieces of all 3 colors.

cut 6

Slip them through the last chain and tighten the loop.

049  050

Tie off the tail. I created a more tassley look by wrapping the blue tail around the tassle part and tying it off. And leaving the now tied off tail so there are 5 blue strands in the tassle.

051  052  053

Trim the tassel.


Tie off the blue at the hat and weave it through the hat and cut it off.


And TAH-DAH! We have a bookmark.

fat  thin  many  realitive size

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