The Mistaken Mercedes

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I wrote this short, short story for a resident of Chester County’s long term care facility.  Each year the employee’s of Chester County give generously to the Pocopson Home, helping to make the season a little brighter for folks who live there.  In 2017 we sent out over 600 gifts. I’m so proud of my coworkers!


Tuesday is the New Thursday

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Happy Thur… er Tuesday All!!!
Well, hasn’t it just been a most eventful couple of weeks? It’s rhetorical … it has been.
Ok… where did we leave off?  Ummmm…. waiting for surgery I do believe.  So that was Friday the 13th.  13 is lucky in Chinese Culture and we are sticking with that.
Let’s roll back to Monday before the surgery.  After a long day at the office I go out to get in my car (scooter in scoot) and Rrrrrrrr nothing.  Rrrrrrrrr nothing.  Really!? So I call David & AAA in that order at 4:30pm.  At 8 pm (NEVER EVER tell AAA you are in a safe location it bumps you to the bottom of the tow list) Ronaldo final comes to tow Ruby to the garage.  Thank God for Chris Ann who came and kept me company and listened to my whine (we were are work so no wine!).  It was the fuse panel. We had it replace.
Tuesday before surgery I work up with a huge nagging pain in my shoulder.  I figured I had just slept wrong and it would go away.  No biggie right?  Wrong.  But we will get there. So the rest of the work week was a bit difficult because of the pain which didn’t seem to be diminishing. We’ll get there.
Surgery day.  Other than starting horribly early it went mostly well.  The automatic BP cuff was on WAY too tight during surgery and left little marks on my arm.  So I really made the surgery center nervous when I told them that.  So I have finally lost my screws (giggle) and 6/1 will be able to put weight back on my foot again.  Yup, I’m back to scootering until Dr. Very Handsome is convinced the hole in my bone where the screw was is healing.
Moving on.  The pain in my shoulder really didn’t abate so I went to the Quick Care by mom on the Sunday following surgery and had a fainting spell.  Yup!  I figured it was lack of food, pain and a hot flash all rolled into one. It was very exciting.  But I had my very first (this is a year of 1st’s for me) EKG and it came out just perfect.  And I got a prescription for muscle relaxers which did diddly squat.
Scootering forward to one week after my waking up in pain I went to my GP and she gave me something else that did diddly squat.  And so I started taking 2 Advil every 2 hours.  Yeah, I know. Shhhhhhhh. I’m not taking them anymore.  And yes, I ate something with each and every dose.  I’ve eaten more crackers in the last 2 weeks than I’ve eaten in the last 2 years.  I was thinking of buying stock in Keebler!
So after the pain didn’t subside I got an appointment with Dr. To The Point last who just happens to be in the same practice as Dr. Very Handsome.  So today I had a whole new round of X-Rays with my favorite X-Ray Tech Jess.  Well I got the good/bad news on my shoulder pain.  It’s not my shoulder.  It’s my vertebra. The disk between C4 & 5 is a degenerate.  Oh wait… it’s degenerating. That’s it. So Dr. To The Point prescribed that steroid pack that you take a whole boat load of pills to 1 pill in a week.  So looking on the bright side… it’s not a new condition. It’s been like that for a while.  I irritated the nerve when I slept soundly on Monday (when my car let me down). And I did sleep. I didn’t move all night long.  More good news.  This isn’t going to happen again. (Well the doctor said might, but I’m not claiming that.) The other good news is the steroids seem to be working already and I’ve only had 1 dose.  My elbow hurts, but it’s not that sharp, stabbing, please cut my arm off, pain.  And same with my shoulder.
Didn’t I just slam into 50 and trip right on over it? But that’s it. I’m done. No more illnesses for me.
Oh I forgot.  Thursday a last week I finally did what I didn’t want to do.  I tripped over my scooter and face planted in the office.  I banged up both my knees (left one much worse than the right) put a huge bruise on my left hand and, well, thought I aggravated my shoulder. Which wasn’t the case.  Talk about embarrassing.  But I have the best co-workers! They all came running to make sure I wasn’t dead. 
So that is long and the long of it.  Over all it’s not great news… but it’s not bad AND I’ve been able to type this whole e-mail without stopping or without much pain.  My darling Beloved David has been wonderful.  He keeps going to the doctor’s appointments with me and asking the questions I miss.  My mother is a saint for putting up with my increasingly (and now decreasingly) crabby self.
And that campers is my last 2 weeks.  Love to everyone!


The Zombie Waddle and other forms of Locomotion

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[singing badly off key]
Everybody’s doing a brand-new walk, now
(Come on baby, do the locomotion)
Happy Thursday!  I hope this finds everyone happy and healthy.
Well, it’s been 1 week since I’ve been able to put full weight on my foot and who’da thunk walking would hurt so much?  I guess I did somewhere in the back of my little brain.  I’m still using the scooter & crutches a bit, especially in the morning.  But I’ve really progressed to mostly walking without a cane or crutch.  Mainly because I can’t find a cane with a sword in it that I like.  But I’m still looking!
I finally got a pair of shoes that give me enough lift so I’m not hurting my left knee and right hip.  I really felt like an overdressed extra from a bad Mummy or Zombie movie.  I wanted to moan and make mummy/zombie noises while I was shuffling about.  But now I’m more like a Weeble.  I’m not going anywhere fast right now, but at least I am going forward (mostly).  This HAS been quite an adventure.
We’ve scheduled my pin pull surgery for next Friday 5/13. I won’t know what time until between 1 and 3 on Thursday.  Pray with me that it’s not too early (mornings … blech!) or too late (I have to fast, no nothing including water).  Dr. Very Handsome said it would take him about 10-15 minutes to remove the pin and sew me back up.  Hey… we have a set of DeWalts… I guess we should let the surgeon do the surgeony stuff.  Then it’s 2 more weeks of the boot and then…?  I guess we will find out on the follow up appointment that will pull the staples and X-ray (yet again) the ankle.  Who knows if I will ever make it to Physical Therapy.
So until … when? Probably the 19th I won’t have much to update, unless there is something super exciting happening.  Calm and peaceful is good right now.
Have a WONDERFUL rest of the week!


One Small Step…

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One small step for mankind … one giant leap… Ok. Let’s be real, It’s one small waddle for me.  I won’t be leaping anywhere any time soon.
So here’s the scoop.  I am walking in the boot [insert Kermit Yay here]. And boooy is it tiring.  So I’m not giving up the scooter just yet, plus I can’t put much weight on it without the boot.  I’m definitely not ready to do stairs.  And I would like to thank my sexy hunk of man for asking the question … can I sleep without a brace!! The answer was “sure”! If I could have danced I would have. 
The bad news is … Doctor Very Handsome is moving to Wisconsin in June so we need to do the 2nd surgery in May or early June now.  But the good news on that is … it’s a Friday in/out thing.
No word on physical therapy. That will now happen after the next surgery.  I can wait.  I’m still not ready for the volleyball team yet, but I should be by… well, I won’t sign up quite yet.
So that’s the short of it.  Have a great weekend everyone!!


The Big 5 Oh!

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Wooooooooo Hooooooooooooo!  Two weeks have passed and I’m at the Big Five Oh! 
What? No! Not the Big 5-0 years old. I’m taking about 50% weight on my left foot.  The 5 oh years old thingy happens tomorrow.  But that’s not important right now. Walking people! Walking is the important bit.
I’ve been slowly adding a little weight over the last 2 weeks. It still hurts a bit when I put a good bit of weight down on the foot, but it’s getting there.  And that’s only because I haven’t walked on the foot since … Good Lord! Over 3 months.  Crutches are going to be so much easier now that I can put some weight on my foot.  Although the scooter is still my main squeeze until I can walk.
And for those of you who are as confused as I was on the how do you know how much weight is 50% weight.  25% is basically foot down on the floor and using it to keep your balance. 50% is slight more complicated and involves a scale and memory.  And for me, sucking it up and hopping up [insert laugh track here] on the scale.
So that is it from the trenches for now.  Thanks for tuning in!
Love, Hugs & Other signs of affection one can do in public.
PS – if you want me to stop sending you these things, just send me an e-mail telling me to STOP! You can’t take me anymore.


The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

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Happy Thursday! 

Today was the a follow up doctor’s  … Now that I think about it … I don’t think I’ve ever seen that movie. Sorry… off topic (again).

Today was the a follow up doctor’s appointment.  And we had some good news, some not so good news and some “get out your video camera people” news.



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I realized that in my tale telling last week the entirety of David’s (My Beloved, My Darling) involvement was reduced to … “So off the ER David & I go.” and everyone else got thank you’s.   For those of you who are completely lost as to why I was off to the ER, e-mail me and I’ll catch you up.


Two Week Rain Delay

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Happy Thursday Everyone.

Or it would be if the Doctor & the PA (BOTH) were out of the office with the flu. So … wait, what do you mean what’s going on?

Ok. Let’s step back (*giggles* – it’ll be funny in bit) from the beginning for those who don’t know what’s going on.  For those of you who do and don’t want to hear (read) the story again, just jump on down to the last bit.  For those who are new to the story … ready?


Fantasy Football

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A couple of years back a couple of guys ran a fantasy football league from the office across the hall. When they were having problems getting enough players I said I would love to join. They recruited the one guys aunt instead and then complained all season about her not wanting to play. To quote the old knight in Raider’s “he chose poorly.” And of course I mentioned that too.


Facebook World Tour

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I’ve decided I want to do a Facebook World Tour. I want to visit my Facebook friends in the town in which they live for a meal, a drink, or an extended stay. Whatever is most appropriate based on proximity to my home and their tolerance of my presence!

This is going to be super easy for some, like my Beloved. He’s very tolerant of my presence. And he’s close! Then there’s gonna be some that are a little harder. The Mythbusters are going to be a bit of a challenge. We’ll work on that one later.


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